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We share all popular .io games private server that is similar to the slitherio.

Slither io Servers Private Servers : Unblocked game is one of the most Addicting massive player game. you just need to eat all snake that are torn in dots by accident and become largest one. Avoid from Touching other from front otherwise you will be eaten by him. Just start Eating dots and smash snakes and be patience to become the great one. Slitherio game prove that size doesn’t  matter. . Play Slitherio at private server and Enjoy!!. Game review Do you like to play simple, multiplayer and addicting games? Then, you may hear about If you have played this game you could notice it is snake game. But, why so many players play it? There are millions of the people that play It is available on every device including mobile phones, tablets and of course desktops. One of the reason to play this game is more than 50 million downloads on the Google play. Let’s talk about game and options inside it. is not an ordinary snake game because there are main difference in snake behavior. When you start you are small worm and you need to collect blobs to get bigger. If you coincidentally hit other player you will lose. For difference from the other snake games, in this you can go over your tail. Once you or someone else lost they are leaving many blobs so opponents can grow up very fast. When this game became popular new strategies started to invent and so far main strategy is connected with forcing someone to get killed. When you grow enough you can eat smaller snakes. You can catch them but smaller snakes are usually faster. We said you can go over your tail so try to surround as many snakes as you can. Once you do it they are stuck and forced to strike your body. In those places you will find many blobs and it will help you to play easily.

This game also requires a lot of patient because there are many great players on server so it is hard to be the best. You will also need skills to avoid being eaten by bigger snakes. At all I think you will love this game as millions of the people already. Skins Unlocked

Do you want to check out all the skins in game? With the new skins, you can renew the outside look of you snake and make it more amazing. In, if you want to explore all of them, you must know how to unlock the skins for your own usage. So, follow the basic steps below now!

  • Go to homepage
  • Click one of the share buttons at the bottom right of screen. You can “Share on Facebook” or “Share on Twitter.”
  • One of those social platforms will be open in front of you. You can adjust the mode, and choose “only me” before posting it on your timeline. Don’t worry; the skins are still unlocked even if you select “only me.”
  • Now, a blank page will appear, no need to wait for it, just return to your homepage and explore the list of snake skins


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